Aug 5, 2017

The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley targeted by almost vegan extremists until they caved

(Photo credit: Kaufman Construction)

"The Washington Post reported that Mimi Stein of Certified Humane, an organization that certifies farms with the highest standards for painless slaughter, had denounced Direct Action Everywhere’s actions."


  1. John, the link came up access denied.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Rusty. I will see if I can find another link.

    2. Rusty, I added another link. If you are still having that issue, you may need to go to the site directly.

    3. John - The link works now.

      In seeing the name of the so called organization "Direct Action Everywhere", they made the news last month in staging an anti-meat protests in St. Petersburg, Florida. That was at a Chick-fil-A restaurant staging a take over of that restaurant.

      Then shortly afterwards at a Municipal Park the same group is filmed accosting a fisherman, and throwing his catch back into the lake.

      It seems that some people are willing to threaten and coerce others into following their ideology. Such as what had happened here locally with the Protest at the Arcata Union Town parking lot on Saturday May 6, 2017.

      Then there no legal consequences afterwards, for those causing mayhem in public.

  2. The Guardian link worked. They should try my Rotisserie Flank Steak, make them drop that nonsense right away.

  3. Ya got me to think'n, we've gotten a little desensitized to these protest...oh those crazy kids aren't they funny with there little cause, while in fact they are terrorising a small business. Not just Blackmailing but using terrorism disguised as youthful protesters. I'm sure a civil court jury would agree. Not a California civil court jury, probably a Nevada civil court jury.