Aug 4, 2017

Shame on all who misled, not stated facts, and are using the Indian Island massacre for political gain

No one condones the Indian Island massacare but all you outraged people go off on a tangent instead of listening to the entire interview.

Most people, including me, were happy about the City of Eureka's decision to return this land to the Wiyot Tribe.

The facts are that the Wiyot Tribe made a request to the City of Eureka in March to transfer city owned land to the Tribe. The press releases by the City never indicated what the terms would be except that the Tribe would commit to restoration, stewardship and management of the Island. This transfer was contigent after certain legalities were explored. The City Council and staff made a decision without presenting  all the information to the public.

This negotiation and publicity regarding it was handled badly by the City of Eureka. And here we have valid emotions about the past being dragged into a comment which seemed to be more about process.

Any media , any tribe statements, this protest, Allen McCloskey, anyone outraged are all reacting to LOCO's opinion; not facts. Is this responsible dialogue and behavior? Shame on all of you for using the horrible tragedy the Wiyot suffered in the past for your political agenda.

The entire interview is less than half an hour. The reference to Indian Island is a couple of minutes. LOCO did not present the context or the entire interview, they took selective snippets to inflame. All those outraged are ascribing motives to Rob Arkley based on something he never said. All those complaining ignored the clarification statement and went off LOCO's irresponsible first post.

The City of Eureka's  Manager and Eureka Councilmembers, especially the three progressives, by law don't get to represent the interests of the left or just those who put them in office. Their salary is paid by all taxpayers.

Crime, homelessness, weeds on street, filth has not improved but increased under the "progressive" City Council. If they have surplus property to give away, they can also take away sewer and water increases and stop saying they don't have money to take care of street sweeping and other services.


  1. Funny the City takes the easy way out by giving it away and they're magnanimous. The County takes the lazy way out and they're Criminal. Either way neither are following procedure and that needs to be fixed.

  2. You're deluded, dude. The "progressive" city council? They couldn't be more regressive.

    1. So, you think Austin Allison, Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel are regressive? You exemplify what is wrong with the radical left today and why Democrats lost this election. Most anonymous comments with personal insults and no substance are always amonymous.

    2. "Regressive" is the term for perpetually butthurt, authoritarian, bullying, blackmailing, anti-free speech SJW types who have hijacked the "progressive" label.