Aug 11, 2017

Sheriff Honsal shows the video of two inmates beating correctional deputy

HCSO is not releasing inmates pictures because Sheriff Honsal does not want to glorify the inmates' behavior. He believes their motive was to enhance their cred.

Overcrowding due to AB 109 affects who they can house and when the jail is full, risk assessment is done to decide who is released.

Sheriff Honsal said that he plans to have a wellness program for staff. Deputy Huffman was in shape, he said. The consequences could have been worse for someone else.

The inmates will be housed in admin segregation and escorted by two bailiffs at all times when they are moved anywhere in the facility.

Some key quotes:

"Within 34 seconds, aid arrived", otherwise situation could have been worse.

"unprovoked attack"; no prior issues between Deputy Huffman and two inmates;

Sheriff Honsal gave stats how AB 109 has affected what local jails face today.

"We have a prison like environment in some parts of our jail"

Sheriff Honsal said he appreciates the AB 109 but " state not giving us tools. " Sheriff Honsal said state needs to restablish mental health facilities to help inmates that are now in jail, so they can get the mental health services they need.

Deputy Huffman has beem on the job, "less than a year," said Sheriff Honsal. He is one of the new hires under Measure Z.

Sheriff Honsal described Deputy Huffman as a "good local kid".

"Here is a guy who treats people with dignity and respect day in and day out" and he is assaulted by these thugs,", said Sheriff Honsal. It was very upsetting to watch this video for the first time, he said, and to see someone he hired,  get beat up.

Deputy Huffman is expected to return to work tomorrow.

HCSO Press Release:

On Wednesday August 9, 2017 at about 1920 hours, a Correctional Deputy Dillon Huffman was assigned to work in a Maximum Security Housing Unit. While conducting his routine cell checks on the 2nd tier he was lured into a cell which housed two inmates, Lorence Bailey and Jonah Little.

When Deputy Huffman opened the cell door and partially stepped inside he was savagely attacked by the two inmates. As Deputy Huffman backed out of the cell and attempted to defend himself, the inmates began punching  Huffman in the face and body.  During the assault Deputy Huffman was able to broadcast enough radio traffic to alert other Correctional Deputies of the assault in progress. Deputy Huffman proceeded to fight for his life for approximately 34seconds, until backup arrived.  

Once responding deputies arrived in the housing unit both inmates immediately laid on the ground and surrendered.  They were taken into secured custody where they face disciplinary hearing for their violent behavior.   

The Sheriff's office will seek that both Baily and Little  be charged with assault on a correctional deputy causing injury. .  Deputy Huffman was taken to St. Joseph Hospital where he was treated and released for numerous contusions and abrasions from the assault  Deputy Huffman is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries.  

Below are the names of the inmates, and what charges were filed with the District Attorney's Office.

BAILEY, Lorence Emmanuel    LITTLE, Jonah Dale
PC 69       PC 69
PC 182       PC 182
PC 243 C (1)      PC 243 C (1)
PC 1203.2 A (2)     PC 1203.2 A (2)
PC 12022.7 A      PC 12022.7 A
PC 186.22 B (1)     PC 186.22 B (1)
Current In-Custody Charges     Current In-Custody Charges
PC 187 (a)      PC 1203.2
PC 12022 (b)(1)
PC 12022.53 (d)
PC 240/ 242
PC 240/ 242

PC 240/ 242

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  1. My Brother is a Correctional Officer for Multnomah County in Portland. There are many officers throughout the world who suffer from severe PTSD, depression and worse. After 19 years, my Brother has become one of them. Corrections Officers are not given enough credit for the mental and physical abuse they take on a daily basis. We think about the women and men on the street's safety, but dealing with these conniving criminals, with nothing better to do than think about attacks like this, is extremely difficult, putting it lightly. I hope Officer Huffman has a speedy recovery, both physically and mentally. Also, that his coworkers, all of them, can remain safe and sound. #itdoesntendonthestreets