Aug 11, 2017

Marci Kitchen's defense notice giving "unavailability of counsel"

Hardly a surprise. Could not reach defense, left a message. No date set yet for any hearing on this notice.

Don't know why, don't know which attorney, Mr. Patrik Griego or Mr. Ben Okin or both. because of the ridiculous Superior Court rule of now requesting a file, 24 hours in advance, even if it is available to view. I filed that request.

Update: It was just a motion from Mr. Patrik Griego that he would be unavailable until August 16. This is why files need to be available to media, if they are downstairs at the clerk's office the same day.


  1. WHY is she not sitting in jail? Seems like her case would get moved on a lot quicker if she were to be actually sitting where everyone else is, who has been accused of the murder of two children. Of course it is the busy season. She needs to make money to pay these high priced lawyers to keep her on vacations and what not.

    1. BAM! Could not agree more with everything you said! She should be behind bars, not in bars!

  2. This is a joke and I hope any judge seeing this knows you are one or corrupt muther fu,,,,er if you do not Lock her up And Throw away the key....NOW! In the name of everything justice stands for,don't let them get away with this she's a flight risk,...lock her up!