Aug 7, 2017

PG & E gate crasher Zacevich had been released on OR after a July arrest for alleged DUI and refusal to take a chemical test

Katherine Zacevich did not have a local jail record when I checked yesterday because she had not been arraigned for this July case, yet. She was released on OR.

No new complaint has been filed for the August case yet, but since she has arraignment tomorrow for the July case, I will be checking tomorrow.


  1. John - your screen shots show an arrest date for her on 6-27-2017, and that charges were filed with the County DA on 7-21-2017 for her first DUI.

    Lets see if the County DA's Office follows thru on prosecuting this woman for her reckless and illegal actions while operating a motor vehicle under the influence - twice within a time frame of about 6 weeks.