Aug 7, 2017

Greedy unions collude with Sacramento lawmakers to stick it to the taxpayers

The truth about AB1250.

CSAC tweet:

.@latimes joins the list of major newspapers saying @StopAB1250, an attack on the most vulnerable people we serve!


"Now public labor unions are trying to get a bigger slice of the pie by prevailing on their friends in Sacramento to carry legislation that would severely limit the power of counties to contract out for services. ",amp.html


  1. I know a woman who works for Kaiser Permanente and had to join the union. Wasn't enough that she paid dues, they'd have her drive to other areas to do work for the union (SEIU, of course) even when she was pregnant. She was 'unofficially' told that is she had put off having a child for another couple years she could have advanced in the union faster. She told the person 'my family comes first'. And when they ask for 'volunteers' she's always busy now...other people at her job may buy into the 'the union looks after us', she doesn't anymore.
    I don't know about the bosses in the northern part of the state but a local big boss had to resign...too many back room deals.

    Thanks for the heads up I'll let my senator & assemblyman know what I think of the bill, but I know the assemblyman has probably already been bought and paid for. I know the site will show my screen name, but sign me:

  2. Ice Cream (the good stuff) Union Safeway Mckinleyville $5.70. Ice Cream (same good stuff) Employees Owned WINCO Eureka $3.80.

    Bridge painting project Cal Trans Eureka Slough. On going, never ending, traffic snarling, mind numbingly expensive, Union project.

    Please put it out for competitive bidding next time. That's the only way we'll ever see it finally finished. It will be a prevailing wage job and still save 100's of 1'000's of tax payers monies.