Aug 6, 2017

Katherine Zacevich, arrested yesterday at the PG & E plant can walk out of jail if she posts bail, which is $25,000

Katherine Zacevich, who was arrested yesterday, has a bail of $25,000, she is still in custody but has "no hold" so if she can post bail, she will be released.

Yesterday's post:

I have her birthdate, which I am not going to post, but it matches with the her age in the previous arrests linked below. The one booking photo from previous arrests, draw your own conclusions. Only way to know is if she is charged and this case proceeds through the local criminal justice system.

Two facebook profiles, each sent by two different readers. Again, draw your own conclusions.

Two links on the internet of previous arrests, one in Nevada, one in Portland.


  1. ah, a workin' girl. not sure that explains being topless in king salmon, but, ok.