Aug 6, 2017

11th annual Zootini raises $63 K; guest auctioneer Senator Mike McGuire

Guest Auctioneer Senator Mike McGuire posted this photo and quote.

"‪#Humboldt is so incredibly generous! Over $63k raised for the #condor reintroduction program and educational services at the Sequoia Park Zoo! Otterly amazing."
"Zootini was a phenomenal success. Best ever. Mike McGuire should leave politics and be a professional auctioneer-he was fantastic!," said Jeff Lamoree, president of Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation.

The Live auction raised $30,000 plus
 The special auction item, Condor Rehab facility raised an additional $35,000. Total 65,000. "

The event was sold out in advance.

The Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation honored the Hilfiker family this evening for their generosity to the Zoo over many years.

All proceeds benefit the Sequoia Park Zoo.

Honorary Event Chairs this year were Cherie and Rob Arkley.

(The Arkley family has also donated to the Zoo generously over the years. Had it not been for them, the Zoo would not be around today for local families and the community to enjoy. I am including this fact in this post because the Arkley family donates to many causes, without asking for recognition and publicity; consistently. Lot of people have money in this town, but the Arkleys donate without being asked. I have lived here for 15 years and long before I was involved in politics or had this blog, I watched and observed people and what got reported and what did not.)

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