Aug 3, 2017

Jury trial for Clayton Lasinski who led CHP and EPD on a chase through Eureka confirmed for August 21

Trial confirmation was scheduled for Clayton Lasinski this morning. Jury trial is scheduled for August 21. Dates were confirmed today.

Jury trial estimate is five weeks.

Lasinski led CHP and EPD through a chase in Eureka after fleeing from a traffic stop.

Clean shaven now, Lasinski looks different than his booking photo. Some family members attended today's hearing. Lasinski was happy to see them.

Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal is prosecuting the case. Conflict Counsel's Mr. David Lee is Lasinski's attorney. Mr. Marek Reavis appeared on behalf of Mr. Lee in court today.

Charges and background on the case are in the link below. Original information had 15 counts. Amended information had 16 counts

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