Aug 3, 2017

Another HSU graduate, another misinformed, reactionary protest, this time targeting the Arkleys

Johanna Tenderfoot Johnson is organizing a protest against the Arkleys. Did she even bother to contact them to get the facts? Listen to the KINS interview?

Johnson is a social work graduate from HSU. A former domestic violence coordinator of Bear River Rohnerville Rancheria. Bear River Casino advertises on LOCO.

This the result of LOCO's irresponsible, misrepresentation of KINS' latest interviewwith Rob Arkley.

Shame on KIEM and Eric Kirk and others that reprinted this story and the Tsurai press release without getting any comment from the Arkleys.

This is the cost of doing business in a town where rumors and bullying are passed on as truth. Where the rabid, radical left is so full hate, they fight dirty; no ethics.

What happened to having dialogue?

I don't want a lynch mob in Eureka fueled by incorrect information. In this town, some people just hate success, and if you happen to be conservative and/or Christian, they throw every "ism" as an excuse for their misguided bullying.

This isn't just about the Arkleys, this kind of bs has been done to me, to others. It is time decent citizens and more importantly decent businesses who can afford to, speakup.

 The ones with the money that like to hob nob at cocktail parties thinking they are movers and shakers don't do a damn to speak up against this bullying. Faux conservatives and faux moderates, always leaving the same few people to speak up.

If the local left and tribes support this kind of irresponsible action, then it shows their complete lack of character. These same people could give feedback to Eureka City Council. Why protest?

If the advertisers of LOCO, KIEM and other irresponsible "media" stay silent, why do business with them?

And for those readers not in the know, this bullying has gone on because no one has the guts to tell you that most staffers of NCJ and LOCO are all buddies and some former colleagues. Combine that with Lost Coast Communications and KHSU, you got a liberal biased local media monopoly.

At KIEM, I like the reporters but their general manager J. Warren Hockaday sure knows how to play both sides. After a stint at the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, now he is out lunching and hobnobbing with leftie Hank Sims. Why? Isn't LOCO competition?  All these contributors at KHSU, NCJ, LOCO all a part of the clique and friends with each other.

You cannot have unbiased reporting when there is so much bias and shutting out other voices by a cliquey media.

You think it is easy for me to speak up, get you facts, when I am one lone person against a group of " so called reporters," sitting around getting paid, to do what?

Lately, these threats of boycotting me, the online and facebook trolls, anon irrelevant comments prove one thing. Some people are scared and don't trust you the public to make up your own mind, with facts.

They attack the same people over and over again instead of doing their jobs; which is to report news.

You want to go after others trying to make a honest living, including me, and lie about people's reputations, then don't complain when you get called out for it publicly and your character is exposed.

Time for you "protesters" and "bullies" to grow up and learn how to talk and tolerate other points of views and people.


  1. Had you reached out to me for a comment or dialogue, I would have requested you use a different picture of me lol

    1. Feel free to send me another picture. My post listed your event, your facebook page about it, so what additional information would I have received had I contacted you? Will you explain now why a protest instead of reaching out to the Arkleys or City Council?

  2. and your picture wouldn't be there if you had checked your facts and had a conversation before stirring the pot.

  3. John, you and Kym Kemp are the most reliable reporters and are worth your weight in gold. Keep up the good work. I for one am never disappointed with the quality of the work that Kym and yourself put into a story.

    1. Thank you Melinda. I am so glad Kym is back to having her own site.