Aug 4, 2017

Interview in TS today, Allen McCloskey gearing up to run for office again?

Allen McCloskey, can you confirm whether you are considering running for 4th District Supervisor? Or any other local office, say Mayor of Eureka. Will you drop out, after announcing, just like you did for Ward 4?

Here are some previous posts on Allen McCloskey, for readers, who like some facts.

Allen since you seem to have such a great relationship with our progressive and new Eureka City Councilmembers, can you get Councilmember Natalie Arroyo to comment on the "rumor" that she met with your "favorite developer" Lee Ulansey?

Since both your names have been circulating as possible candidates for Fourth District Supervisor, the public should know whether these are rumors or facts?

And, I am asking you on my blog so you can chose to answer here or not so I have a written record that I did reach out. This based on my last experience with you Allen, when I tried to get a response from you.

Unlike his carefully crafted words to the Times-Standard, here is the raw truth and how Allen McCloskey speaks.

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