Aug 8, 2017

Whether Maxx Robison's 2017 preliminary is a go on Aug 12 depends on a few options, 995 motion for 2016 still set for August 15

Maxx Robison had an intervention scheduled for his 2017 case this morning in Courtroom 5. A preliminary hearing for this case is scheduled for August 10.

It remains set for now but on August 12 that could change. Ms. Dixon will discuss with Robison if he wants to waive time or waive his preliminary in the 2017 case.

Robison's attorney, Ms. Dixon thought the 995 motion would be on calendar today; it remain set for August 15 at 10:30.

Robison is charged with three felony counts in the 2017 case. Count 1 possession of marijuana (where prisoners are kept). Count 2 Possesion of Suboxone ((where prisoners are kept). Count 3 Possession of paraphernalia in jail.

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