Aug 11, 2017

The difference between real local leaders, real local media, real movers and shakers is that they lift up others

Sheriff William Honsal has been Sheriff for a couple of months and has already made positive changes. One such example is that he is already responding to the concerns about correctional deputies and working conditions at the jail . He gives his staff opportunities to shine by including them in press conferences like Lt. Luna and other staff; he  referred me to Sgt. Jason Benge for a very informative article. Sheriff Honsal does not hog the limelight for only himself. The same is true for Chief Watson and Captain Stephens. All these three men help behind the scenes without wanting any attention and recognize their team.
Sheriff Honsal is accessible and believes in transparency, even if I call him with questions or criticisms.

We are very lucky to have local experienced leaders and staff in law enforcement, and HCSO and EPD are definitely my favorites for a reason. I deal with them on a regular basis through work as well as living in Eureka and see the challenges they face doing their job in extremely difficult conditions.

My readers are discerning so this post is more geared to the anti law enforcement, sensational agenda driven, "so called media"  and local drama stirrers that I will continue to call out regularly. "Real media" does not lean towards critical articles of one group while  ignoring the shennanigans of their advertisers, organizations and people they like.

Biased local " so called media" gets away with this because of certain advertisers and several self identified "movers and shakers"; the ones that do have money, both on the left and the right. They do not support the few local, independent media sources who actually report news because these advertisers and "supporters" prefer not to be called out on the "good ole" status they enjoy.

Why aren't most of the people with the funds in this town investing in the few quality media sources we have or donating to programs or creating jobs that help majority of this community get financial stability, housing, get services like rehab to change their life? It is the same few people with money (or not extra money) donating or helping others.

Public shaming does not work on certain people because they have none.

Support your local, small businesses; support your local independent media; support those advertisers that allow freedom of the press to report news.

I would like to thank my past and present advertisers, not only for their business, but for being self made and caring members of this community and because they allow me the independence to report news; even when I have been critical of them.

Self made men and women realize the value of hard work, loyalty and lift up others.


  1. Well said John.
    I will try to do my part of respecting the hard work of others.
    It's been brought to my attention that an urgent plea for court reporters to appear in Nevada next week, especially on Monday, has been sent. If you, or your peers, can make it, they would be extremely thankful.
    A few of the complaints,from the long list of complaints, from those who sent the plea, are as follows.
    It is a jury trial, but the judge refuses to allow the jury to hear the witnesses for the defendants.
    If a defendant moves their eyes during their search for words, they are dragged out of the courtroom.
    The judge refers to the prosecutor's plaintiffs as victims instead of as plaintiffs. (is that the correct word, plaintiffs?).
    The defendants are not allowed to mention what they saw, did, said, or intended.
    The defendants are not allowed to mention the constitution or bill of rights.
    It is being hailed as a Soviet Style Court.
    Journalists won't touch it.
    If the court reporters from everywhere and anywhere sat in, it would be extremely appreciated.
    The judge/court in question is Judge Navarro.
    A small circulation called Redoubt News has been trying to keep abreast. You can find them online.

    I did my part. I shared a plea for help. I hope the good guys listen & respond to their plea.

  2. John - Don't forget those that serve under the leaders that make a positive impact on the local community.

    Others local citizens such as those who serve the public in Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, municipal employees who do their jobs with not wanting acknowledgement from the general public. Yet they keep the local infrastructure intact, and provide for the common good.

    Or those who currently serve or have been in the past in the Military and have long separations from their families, when sent off on deployments when they follow orders which they may not agree with.

    Many local citizens contribute to the community in a positive manner even if they are not employees, business owners, or even those who are retired: such as veterans service organizations, civic clubs, and many others even on an individual basis here on the North Coast.

    I wonder what those who want to rapidly criticize other's actions here on the North Coast have done to make Humboldt a better place for all of the citizens here? Not just for their cause of the week...