Aug 1, 2017

Public Defender files 995 motion to dismiss charges for Maxx Robison, McCullens Motel shooting suspect

Update (August 2): Since Judge Dale Reinholtsen was the Judge who presided over the preliminary in this case, the 995 motion was rescheduled to August 15 at 10:15.

Trial setting will scheduled after ruling on the 995 motion.

Maxx Robison, the suspect in the McCullens motel shooting has a trial confirmation and a 995 motion hearing scheduled tomorrow morning in Courtroom 3.

Robison is charged with the death of Rhianna Mckenzie and attempted murder of Elisha Mansell.

The Public Defender has filed a 995 motion to dismiss charges and the DA has filed an opposition to the 995 motion.

Ms. Jennifer Dixon is representing Robison. Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer is prosecuting this case.

Robison is charged with five counts and special allegations detailed in the link below.

Robison had another case on calendar today.  That case is on a no time waiver and has a preliminary scheduled for August 10 at 9:15. Intervention is August 8 at 9:45.

Robison is charged with three felony counts. Count 1 possession of marijuana (where prisoners are kept). Count 2 Possesion of Suboxone ((where prisoners are kept). Count 3 Possession of paraphernalia in jail.

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