Aug 12, 2017

Maybe it is time the Judicial Council took a closer look into staff working conditions and what citizens, attorneys endure in Humboldt County Superior Court?

There have been quite a few exits in Humboldt County Superior Court, from middle management to Courtroom Clerks.

Both, under former CEO Kerri Keenan and present CEO Kim Bartlelson. I was going to do a post on this but Ms. Keenan resigned. Things seemed better, initially, with Ms. Bartleson.

According to a source, "The Humboldt County Court does not take into not guilty, dismissed, or PENDING cases at the time of hire."

"I don't know if it's state law. It's always been Court", according to this person, at least since the late 80s.

"However, you may not be hired even for an entry level position for any pending case except for traffic infraction."

It is not a Penal Code but I my source and I working on getting more information.

"The courts are not State or County employees anymore, they are their own entity. The Superior Courts of CA are their own business. Humboldt, Trinity, Los Angeles, Sacramento; all 1 business."

So who is responsible for the present messes in the last decade or so, the Superior Court CEO, the Presiding Judge or the Judicial Council?

The Judicial Council seems to have no clue on the challenges and management power dynamics in the Humboldt Superior Court as well as  Del Norte and Trinity County. Or maybe they don't care about rural California?

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