Aug 3, 2017

Man shot by armed security guard at Shell Gas station had at least one arrest record

At least one arrest record can be found in Humboldt County Jail for Macias from 4/17/2014. He was arrested by EPD for PC1203.2(a), violation of probation. Released on OR since it was a misdemeanor charge.

Macias is the man, who allegedly trird to attack an armed security guard at the Shell Gas station and the guard shot him. Macias wad taken to the hospital for injuries;  he passed away at the hospital.

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  1. this is expected. He is most likely on Supervised Probation. as the adult supervised probation is a joke. all they care about is getting a paycheck, not helping make a difference in peoples lives. the people who work at probation just was to get to their next payday, not ever help anyone from getting the the help they need or want. the system is f*cked and will continue to get worse