Aug 8, 2017

Inspection warrants on Squires properties with code enforcement" today part of City of Eureka's case against Squires

EPD's Crime Analyst Brittany Powell told me that, " EPD is assisting the City of Eureka.

I reached out to the City of Eureka. Several staff are in the field. Eureka Councilmember Marian Brady told me,
"These inspection warrants are on Squires properties." This code enforcement is a part of the City of Eureka's ongoing case with the Floyd and Betty Squires.

City Press Release:

Pursuant to an inspection warrant issued by the Superior Court, staff from the City of Eureka’s Code Enforcement division, with the assistance of the Eureka Police Department (EPD) and Humboldt Bay Fire
(HBF), are performing inspections beginning today of eleven properties owned by Floyd and Betty Squires.
As a result of long-running unresolved code enforcement cases, complaints from tenants and neighbors, and observations by City staff, EPD, and HBF, the City believes it is necessary to fully assess these properties and characterize the nature, extent, and severity of the violations present. Violations already observed include structural deficiencies, exposed wiring, leaking plumbing, unpermitted work, blocked
exits, missing fire protection devices, broken windows and rotten siding . Many of the properties at which the inspections are being performed are subject to the lawsuit filed by the City against the Squires
in 2011, which continues without resolution. At this time, occupants of these buildings continue to reside within the buildings and have not been displaced.
The City believes that proper maintenance of buildings helps ensure the safety of the occupants, first responders, and the public. Derelict buildings negatively impact property values, tourism, and the
quality of life for our citizens. As such, following the inspections, the City intends to examine its options to resolve the violations found through available legal means.

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  1. these are all low income people with poor or no credit that nobody else will rent to. shutting down the squires rentals will simply make a whole new lot of homeless people. make them responsible for fixing the rentals but don't displace the residents for the love of god, we have enough homeless here as it is.