Feb 25, 2017

"The reason I agreed with Chief Mills was because the police don't differentiate between who they protect"

Myles Cochrane, who hosts Humboldt Last Week, had a segment in today's podcast on the boycott called by EPD Chief Andy Mills.

That segment starts at the 7:34 mark. I appreciate Myles giving me the opportunity to express why I supported Chief Andy Mills.

Myles did a great job of including the remarks from the answers I sent him.

Here are the two questions he asked me and my complete answers:

Question 1:

After the Siren’s Song Tavern in Eureka allowed a promoter to book a show featuring a band named Millions of Dead Cops, why do you agree with the Eureka Police Chief’s decision to call for a boycott of the venue entirely?

My answer:

Boycotting businesses is not new. People do it for different reasons. The reason I agreed with Chief Mills was because the police don't differentiate between who they protect. I have lived and travelled all over the world. We are lucky to have EPD. I feel that as a local business, especially in Old Town, Siren Song showed disrespect for EPD, the public as well as insensitivity to the fact that recently we read daily headlines about some cop being killed in the line of duty. We boycott for less, speech. Siren Song, in my opinion, by action said fuck you to cops.

Siren Song chose to make money off a sensational name and band without considering who it may impact, it is my right as well as anyone else's to boycott them.

Question 2:

After looking into them a little bit, it's my understanding the band chose their name in opposition to police violence in the 80s and are currently touring under a different moniker. They told the Times Standard their name is not a call for cop killing. Does that impact your feelings on the matter?

My answer:

What they are currently touring as is in question. The 80s name change was also brought up in a comment on my blog.  A Wikipedia search still lists them as Million Dead Cops. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDC_(band)

Lost Coast Outpost also listed them in their advertising as Million Dead Cops. I don't have the original flyer anymore, if you do, we can see how they were listed. I read the TS article and it did not change my feelings. I find MDC very cavalier about the way they change their name on a whim. Their response to this controversy showed me they cared more about crowd size than acknowledging that they offended people who are not their fans.

In case you missed my original post:


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