Feb 14, 2017

James Merrick held to answer on all charges, case to proceed to jury trial

Judge John Feeney held Merrick to answer on all charges, after today's preliminary hearing. Arraignment on information for jury trial is February 28.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett is prosecuting the case. Merrick tried to dismiss his attorney, Conflict Counsel. That Marsden motion was denied by the Judge.

James Merrick, is charged in the 2016 case with murder, two DUI counts and hit and run in the death of a teen pedestrian in Mckinleyville.

Merrick had plead guilty last April to a misdemeanor DUI. That 2015 case for probation revocation is also scheduled today, decision will be made after the jury trial for the 2016 case and the outcome.

Feb 8, 2017

James Merrick preliminary hearing continued until February 14

James Merrick had a preliminary hearing scheduled on February 7. It was continued to February 14.

Merrick is charged with murder, hit and run and two DUI charges causing injury to teenage pedestrian on December 14.

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