Feb 14, 2017

Federal disaster declared for CA counties due to 2016 storm makes this Humboldt's first federal disaster declaration since 2006

The following mail from Humboldt County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services was sent to Humboldt County Supervisors, various City managers and appropriate Humboldt County staff at 6:50 p.m. this evening

Subject:        FW: Governor Brown Issues Statement on FEMA Approval of Oroville Spillway and January Storm Presidential Disaster Declaration Requests

Great news – a federal disaster has been declared for California counties impacted by storms January 3-12, including Humboldt. This is the first federal disaster declaration for Humboldt County since 2006. I will notify the OA list tomorrow, when FEMA releases the declaration, and send additional info as it is available. FEMA and Cal OES will schedule an Applicants Briefing for all jurisdictions and public entities with eligible damages and response expenses in Humboldt County, TBA.

A federal disaster declaration makes available federal disaster recovery funding under the Stafford Act, typically covering 75% of eligible costs. Governor Brown has also authorized use of California Disaster Assistance Act funding for this event, which may be used to cover a percentage of the remaining 25%, at the Governor’s discretion. The county or applicant jurisdiction will be responsible for some portion of response and recovery costs for approved projects. Federal Highway Administration funding was also authorized for Humboldt County for December and January damages. The federal declaration also makes available Disaster Mitigation funding, since the county has a FEMA-approved Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Sheriff Downey proclaimed a Local Emergency today for February storm damages, which will go to the Board for ratification next Tuesday, when the January proclamation will be terminated. Cal OES has asked that we submit separate local proclamations and Initial Damage Estimates for each storm incident period.

Thanks to Public Works for all of their hard work this storm season. Feedback has been positive from impacted communities about response time for roads issues, closure info is getting to the public faster, and the rapid damage assessments were instrumental in pursuing the federal declaration.

Dorie Lanni

Emergency Services Manager

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services


  1. Wow, what happened to Moonbeam's succees from the Union effort when Trump got elected? What a phony loser liberal smuck! Oh wait, I have need for federal money now so I'll put succession on hold for a while. This State sucks!!!!!!!!

  2. Now that Brown has his money, how about throwing some at fixing Mattole Rd? It's rough already and last week it became quite rougher, particularly through the Park. ~TMOB