Feb 20, 2017

Disinvited from CPAC, loses book deal, Breitbart considering saying bye bye; MILO gets his comeuppance

Rarely do most people on the left, the moderate and the right agree but the news that Milo Yiannopaulus' fake gay conservative persona and fifteen minutes of fame is crumbling will be great news to many; it was to me.

Milo got put in his place on Bill Maher's show by Larry Wilmore, Conservative Political Action Conference disinvited him, Simon and Schuster cancelled his book deal, and according to Drudge Report, Breitbart might be letting him go soon.




In the past two weeks, I commented on him on Breitbart, on Drudge and ABC News. I debated with people who defended him.

Listed below are some of my recent responses:

(This about being disinvited to CPAC on ABC facebook)

"MILO's 15 minute of speaking provactively with no filter is catching up to him. He did not deny making those comments. He is disgusting, he is not gay, he is not conservative. He is an idiot. There are plenty of decent gay conservatives like Peter Thiel to better  represent both those communities.

Having sex with men does not make you gay. He loathes himself, never talks about loving men. Needs to get therapy. He is making money off the stupidity of certain people. Glad when his career is over and he stops getting attention."

(This is response to a woman who said Breitbart wanted him only for his anti-gay views)

"Ellen true. They won't find any respectable gay conservative talking the way MILO does about women, transgender community and other ridiculous comments."

(This on Drudge when some neanderthals responded to my saying MILO isn't gay. Maybe he should use the money he has left to get therapy and figure out who he is, as he is now, I just see a con man making money).

Milo certainly does not represent the many brave and decent gay men that actually have made a difference in their communities and world).

 MILO only appeals to a section of small conservatives who hate women, gays and haven't a clue. The filth and self hate out of this narcissist's mouth shows he is the one confused.

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