Feb 16, 2017

Maybe it is time that the local press got together and got a lawyer against the Humboldt court rules

Media access in local courts is restricted more in Humboldt than other places in California.

There are these special Humboldt creations such as interventions, which are in closed courtrooms, in Humboldt.

Another example is when visiting judges try and question if a public defender should be appointed and ask about income, they get told by certain public defenders, "that is not how it is done here."

When you see the same person in for the nth time, a generation of repeat offenders in the system and rude first time able bodied defendants feeling entitled to a lawyer and an attitude, regularly, why should taxpayers pay for these bad choices?

We have public defenders, asking for gag orders like Halloween candy. A visiting judge asked if the media had a lawyer representing them at the Jon Goldberg arraignment.

Maybe we should get one. More local media is covering courts now and the local protocols need an overhaul.

Most of us don't bother filing a media request anymore because it is denied. The exception to local judges are Judge Dale Reinholtsen and Judge Christopher Wilson, who take it on a case by case basis.

Newsflash, the public's right to know is not less than an alleged criminal and the media cannot report all sides of the story if muzzled. In a small town, news "informally" travels fast."

Do a good job in selecting a jury and you won't have an issue.

Use gag orders properly  but this "my case is a high profile" case and " my client will be unduly prejudiced" most of the time is BS. Not every case is a Jason Warren or Gary Lee Bullock.

I would like to remind the public defenders and local judges who pays their salaries.

And to brush up on media access and media rights.

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