Feb 3, 2017

"I'm strapped, I'm strapped"; Best Western employee told law enforcement about Lasinski pointing a gun at him

Two maintenance men tried to help CHP Officer Brent Walker when he was pursuing Clayton Lasinski after Lasinski fled running from Officer Walker despite commands to stop and taser warnings.

The new details at Lasinski's preliminary hearing were some specifics about interactions law enforcement had with Lasinski on December 6 and what led to EPD officers opening fire; how Lasinski got into the red Mazda at Sole Savers. One new detail was Lasinski allegegly pointing a firearm at a civilian in a truck after his Mazda stalled. That man seeing police chasing Lasinski sped away.

EPD officers Stephen Linfoot and Dustin Nantz told EPD Senior Detective John Gordon they were "fearful" for their lives as the reason for discharging their weapons at Lasinski.

Most of the preliminary hearing had details already covered in the EPD press conference.

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