Feb 16, 2017

Humboldt courts are already limited with media access; now the DA wants a gag order in McMullens motel shooting? What are the DA and EPD afraid of?

A hearing was held this morning for Maxx Robison. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 21.

Tomorrow at 2 p.m., in Courtroom 5, there will be a ruling on the proposed gag order.

A synopis of what happened in court this morning, according to an observer:

At length  a protective/ gag order re: Robison's ability/right, to talk to the press. 

Tomorrow, at 2 pm, the Judge will hear what proposal the District Attorney draws up regarding this issue, that does  not violate the public recirds act.

The proposal may limit the Defendants rights, but not prohibit him from describing the events or processing his innocence.

Deputy District Attorney presented why the gag order outweighs public interest.

Discovery was provided via electronic records, police reports, investigative reports and the toxicology report to Robison's public defender.

This source said City of Eureka and HCSO were present.

There are posts linked, two exclusive, one where Elisha Mansell, one of the alleged victims spoke with me.

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