Feb 24, 2017

EPD vehicle abatement team tows 35 motor homes, clears out a dozen illegal campers

Chief Andrew Mills tweeted this photo and information:

Cleared out a dozen illegal campers towing 35' motor homes. #vehicleabatent https://t.co/OW2r3lhXt4


Got some details abd clarification from EPD Crime Analyst and PIO Brittany Powell:

It was one 35 foot motorhome towed from Railroad Avenue in Eureka.  The abatement team towed one other 15 foot travel trailer from Railroad Avenue that same day.  Both of the vehicles towed also had expired registration. 
Officers and the abatement team negotiated with all others camping in vehicles on Railroad, which resulted in all others leaving on their own terms.   

Abatement tows either go to John’s Wreckers or Eel River Salvage. 


  1. It would be so good if the City of Eureka and the County of Humboldt had safe, legal places for poor, displaced, traumatized people to find shelter. Having such places of shelter is a matter of safety for all of our citizens.

  2. So you've taken 35 homes away from the "homeless"...where do all the occupants go in this freezing weather.
    There's got to be a solution..

  3. Where did tow from and where did they tow to?

  4. Please look at the rv that is on 2156 spring st. I spoke to the lady officer bout it.. its been there for ever with the constant excuse of hes just visiting that was almost a year ago ...please!!