Feb 16, 2017

16 year old on meth takes hatchet to door, EPD finds him in basement of Arkley home

The Arkley home in Eureka was broken into by a 16 year old kid on meth last night. He took a hatchet to their door. EPD caught him in the basement.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The home is closely guarded and watched.

EPD was there within minutes.

This information and photos were just given to me directly from the Arkley family.

update: Juvenile suspect is 14.

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  1. Just a normal day in Pleasantville. Questions-where'd the little weasel get the meth? Parents use meth??? juvie record and how long of raps??? The punk is on a lose lose life style. How many more losers out there ready to "lose it?" Was he screaming-allah ackbar????

  2. That's METHED UP!!

  3. The material may be copy right protected, but that doesn't stop other people from reporting on the story, or reporting on your reporting of the story, ironically.

    1. JFM, yes they can report, if they get the information directly. Before you lecture me on what copyright means, maybe you need to ask yourself why I included that disclaimer. It isn't the first time, some local "media" has helped themselves to my original material with no credit.

      Kym Kemp reported it and she had some details, not all, but then Kym is a ethical and fair reporter. I am a big fan of hers.

      Some others,probably those, who you jumped in defense of, can learn a lot from Kym.