Feb 2, 2017

Preliminary for two suspects vacated in Tyson Claros homicide case; joinder motion continued

Tyson Claros 

An interventon hearing and decision about the People's request to join the cases of all  five suspects in the Tyson Claros case was scheduled in Courtroom 5 this morning.

Long discussion but sum of it is February 6 preliminary for Thompson and Valenzuela vacated. Setting for those two on February 15 plus joinder motion for all 5 continued.

Defense attorneys at a previous hearing brought up the Aranda-Bruton rule.

From LA criminal defense atttorney site:

"When a criminal defense attorney or public defender files an Aranda-Bruton Motion, he is seeking to keep a co-defendant's damaging statement about his client from being exposed to the jury. If the motion is successful, the Prosecutor must promise not to use the statement, or all references to the defendant must be deleted."

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