Feb 15, 2017

All charges were dismissed after preliminary hearing against Colt and Broc Tuel

Colt and Broc Tuel finally had their preliminary hearing last week.

All charges were dismissed after preliminary hearing.

Broc and Colt Tuel charged in Humboldt Hill shooting scheduled for preliminary hearing on February 6

Broc and Colt Tuel , who are charged in a Humboldt Hill shooting,  are out of custody, have yet to have a preliminary hearing.

Setting was scheduled for the morning in Courtroom 5, got rescheduled for the afternoon.

Intervention is on February 2 at 9:45 and preliminary hearing is on February 6 on 9:45.



  1. Did the victims refuse to testify? Will the DA refile charges at a later date?

  2. The victims were not victims!! There was much too much evidence against the "victims" in this case. You never hear of a case (especially like this) being thrown out at the prelim unless there is overwhelming evidence against the so called vic's. Mark my word on this one.....the so called vic's in this case will do yet another stupid act and they will be in the headlihes next time. They are low life drugies.