Feb 17, 2017

Judge grants a limited gag order in the Maxx Robison case

The Public Defender wants a gag order in the Maxx Robison case. The DA's office feels differently.

The Judge granted a limited gag order.
Preliminary hearing records will be sealed as well.

The preliminary is still scheduled for February 21st at 9:45.

Read Deputy DA   Carolyn Schaffer's response to me below, which was in response to a post I did.

"First, this was a defense request for a protective order to prohibit government dissemination of information to the public about the case and limit media access to the defendant. The protective order was not requested by our office.

Second, I refused to agree to and sign the "gag" order. I did so because the public has a right to request information under the Public Records Act, and unless an exemption applies, public entities (including the District Attorney's Office) must comply with such requests. As I explained to the judge, I would submit to any orders issued by the court. However, the court agreed to put the matter over so that I may draft a new proposed order.

To be clear, I am drafting a proposed order not because I'm requesting a gag order, but because if there is a gag order in place, it should not limit lawful access to information."

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