Feb 17, 2017

Rental inspection program proposed in Eureka will create more homeless; non profits and government haven't a clue how to fix problems

The Westside Community Building Initiative has good intentions but as every government rule, not one rule fits all.

Registration and a business license fee of $100 is being proposed for rental properties, according to a KIEM article.

So far tenants aren't thrilled because they know this fee will most likely be passed on by a rent increase.

I think property owners that are good landlords should not be penalized. Start with those that have complaints against them like the motels, give one warning, then fine, and pass an ordinance, rent cannot be increased unless it is proven that there are other reasons than payments of fines.

Why can't the city of Eureka do what it did with nuisance motels? I have suggested this, at least twice.

It is also unfair to charge a property owner with one or two properties the same as a large property management company.

Non profits and government love making rules, raising taxes; yet all they do is create more problems. Private sector is more practical and understands the value of money.

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