Feb 23, 2017

Supervisor Bohn quoted in LA Times on Humboldt cannabis program ; California official says canbabis tax being paid in cash not safe

Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn quoted in LA Times article on cannabis. Link to full article below.


Supervisor Bohn's remarks:

Humboldt County has issued dozens of growing permits and is processing more than 1,000 applications that have been filed, according to county Supervisor Rex Bohn.
"We’ve made some mistakes," Bohn told a legislative panel. "We are inundated. We are bringing in people left and right to implement this. We want to get a control on it. We want to get it out of the shadows."
Humboldt already has a tracking system that from farm to sale.

This link below is a tweet about California Counties pay cannabis tax in cash. Official says it is not safe or efficient

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  1. Supervisor Bohn should be trying to work with this group which is already organized and seems to have a much better overview on the situation:

    Here's the story on the group:

    I read and use twitter but I really dislike all the hashtags...I won't waste my time on them. They're like click baits and worthless.