Feb 21, 2017

One of the alleged victims, Elisha Mansell refuses to testify this morning at Maxx Robison prelim

Maxx Robison, a suspect in the McCullens motel shooting that resulted in the death of Rhianna McKenzie, had his preliminary scheduled this morning at 9:45.

It did get started this morning and continued this afternoon in Courtroom 3. Judge Dale Reinholtsen presiding.

Robison's grandmother, Barbara Berry,  who he was living with at the time of the alleged incident, testified today. She identified photos and a series of 911 calls she made the early morning of June 29/30.

These calls were played in court.

At one point, Berry broke down during her testimony , while identifying a photo of her home. She asked if she could have a minute.

Elisha Mansell refused to testify today. He was appointed an attorney and freaked out in court. At times, despite Judge Reinholtsen telling him to talk to his attorney and get his attorney's advice , Mansell addressed the Judge directly.

Mansell claimed he does not trust his appointed attorney, who Mansell feels is close to the DA and others. Mansell said he is trying to tell what happened that day, just did not want to testify today.

Mr. Marek Reavis, who was appointed for him, told Mansell to plead the fifth.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees even offered him immunity. The case is being co-prosecuted by DDA Carolyn Schaffer, who did the questioning today for Berry and Aubrey.

Here is a link to an  exclusive post when Mansel spoke to me last year.


There has been a limited gag order issued in this case and preliminary records will be sealed.

Public Defender Jennifer Dixon is representing Robison. Among his regular supporters, his girlfriend Autumn McClellan and Robison's mother Tracine Dorner were present in court.

Here is a link back to a post I did in October, with comments from Robison's mother.


The gag order was only recently requested, by the Public Defender.

Calvin Aubrey, one of the two men, who claims he was in the car with Robison that night was on the stand, most of this afternoon. So far, he is the only eye witness to testify to the alleged altercation outside the McCullens motel and placing a rifle in Robison's hand.

Berry testified that two men were with Robison that night. Aubrey testified he was one of those men, the other being "Bolt" Johnson.

The preliminary continues tomorrow morning with the testimony of EPD Detective John Gordon and EPD officer Dustin Nantz

Robison is charged with four felonies and there are two victims; Rhianna Skye McKenzie and Elisha Caleb Mansell.

Count 1 is Murder, victim is McKenzie. Two special allegations for Count 1: "personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; a semi-automatic rifle, which caused great bodily injury or death to" McKenzie and "above offense perpetrated by means of shooting a firearm from a motor vehicle with intent to inflict great bodily injury."

Count 2 is Attempted Murder, victim Mansell with special allegation "personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; a semi-automatic rifle, which caused great bodily injury or death to" Mansell.

Count 3 is Assault with semi-automatic firearm upon Mansell with special allegation ""personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; a semi-automatic rifle," which causes the offense to be a serious and violent felony.

Count 4 Shooting an occupied motor vehicle.

(Detailed posts of each witness testimony after preliminary concludes)


  1. Elisha doesn't want to testify against Maxx because he knows that Maxx WAS NOT the shooter.

    1. All the more reason Elisha should testify. He should trust his court appointed attorney, Mr. Reavis. See the link I included in the post about when Elisha contacted me.

  2. First rule...trust no one. Elisha is ,probably, still fearing for his life.
    Heck, even I got a posse to hide and protect him....lazy cops, crooked DA, this is Humboldt, people disappear for much less. Why are we so afraid to do the right things? Cause bad guys don't have morals and bump off honest people if it makes things go away. Seems Maxx is being railroaded, to an extent, and fear is throwing no down the gavel. ..

  3. Where is "BOLT" Thompson? He was seen yesterday at the Eureka Mall, eating ice cream, without a care in this world. Isn't there a warrant out for him for not showing up to testify? Or wasn't he invited? I heard Mr. Robison basically confessed to his involvement. If that's the case, why were these two accomplices offered IMMUNITY for their testimony? Why were they offered IMMUNITY at all?! I expect our Judicial system to be effective and JUST! Offering IMMUNITY to two accomplices to what's being charged as Murder, is WRONG! If the Community feels like I do, then they shouldn't accept CALVIN AUBREY and BOLT THOMPSON, being allowed to be free as birds, walking and living alongside us in the community until they pay their debt to society for their their involvement in this wayward crime. If their judgement and decision-making skills aren't developed enough to have either walked away or to have sought help for Maxx, then I don't want them out and about where they could affect the children, youth and people of our County! Is Humboldt County going to stand for this sort of ludicrous leniency from their District Attorneys office?