Apr 12, 2016

Mercer-Fraser, some HUMCPR members, some local businesses team up with Virginia and Rex to install small housing units to house about 60 people

Thanks to some local businesses, which includes some HUMCPR members, who have been working with Supervisor Virginia Bass and Supervisor Rex Bohn, there will be small portable housing units located at Mercer-Fraser lot between 2nd and 3rd streets.

Supervisor Bohn told me that these will house "about 50 to 60 people" that will have to move May 2. They are being delivered today. There will be porta-potties. The lot will be supervised by DHHS and the Betty Kwann Chin Center.

These housing units will have two beds, they can be moved to different locations. This is an effort to help the people who will have to move on May 2.


  1. Kudos to Mercer-Fraser and the others behind the scene that helped to make this happen !!

  2. Connie Beck shared on Facebook: "I would like to clarify one item. DHHS will not be supervising this. Our MIST and street outreach services will work there like they do other locations. DHHS will be assisting with funds to purchase the containers used for housing."

  3. Go Team! At last, some people with sense are doing what must be done. Fantastic gesture by the business community. Thank you again and again!

  4. Now if there were only some sort of trailer park to accommodate all these campers in their motor homes and vans that pull into our street about dusk. Have a care, or you may inadvertently be so anyway.

    Super commendable making haves from have-nots, but it may only make a bit more space for those coming along, to fill walkways and curb sides with cardboard relating their misfortune to passing cars. Not that it doesn't make every bit of difference to these fortunate few. We only all wish there were more drop for less bucket. But few expect you to empty the sea with a spoon.

  5. It's great that a private property owner has stepped up to provide their space for this since the City and County won't, but it is unfortunate that they haven't spoken to stakeholders about this idea, including the homeless they say they are helping.