Apr 12, 2016

Former Supervisor Jimmy Smith makes a cameo for Supervisor Rex Bohn who was MIA at today's Board of Supervisor's meeting because...

I called Supervisor Rex Bohn right now to ask him why former supervisor Jimmy Smith made a cameo this morning at the Board of Supervisors meeting. 

Supervisor Bohn asked Mr. Smith at breakfast this Sunday, if he would stop by the meeting, at least for the Pledge of Allegiance. He said people would love to see him.

"Always a good sport, always a big supporter," said Supervisor Bohn, "Jimmy agreed."

Supervisor Bohn was asked by Senator McGuire to speak at Natural Resources Committee on SB1188 which is  his bill on restoring PILT Payment in Lieu of Taxes. "This tax brings substantial funds to Humboldt County which have  historically been geared towards Public Safety," said Supervisor Bohn.

"This is only the second time I have missed a meeting," said Supervisor Bohn. "The first time was also for a bill which would affect Humboldt County."

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