Apr 27, 2016

Defense hopeful for resolution by next court date for Leah Jarnaghan

I have not been following the status of Leah Jarnaghan's case. Today, a preliminary hearing was scheduled for her case.

Today, in court, Public Defender Mr. Luke Brownfield represented Jarnaghan. Deputy District Attorney Whitney Barnes is prosecuting the case.

The defense requested a continuance because they provided the People with paperwork today showing Jarnaghan "is doing well," said Mr. Brownfield. "We are hoping to resolve the case by the next court date."

Intervention is scheduled for May 12. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 23.

Jul 28, 2015

Leah Jarnaghan fails to appear in court, bench warrant issued for $50,000

Today in Courtroom 5, Leah Jarnaghan was scheduled to be arraigned a felony, child abuse endangerment with possibility of great bodily injury and reckless driving.

She has been convicted of child endangerment before. See second link below.

Despite a signed promise to appear, she failed to show up for court. A bench warrant was issued by Judge Joyce Hinrichs in the amount of $50,000. Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel was present for the People.

Private attorney Christina Allbright was out of the courtroom when the case was called and when she came back later, they had finished with the case. She informed Judge Hinrichs that was supposed to make a special appearance for Jarnaghan this afternoon.

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