Apr 21, 2016

Free coffee and donuts at HUMCPR office? HUMCPR rents apartments to the homeless NOT!

This is my comment on The Humboldt Consequential's latest post:

Have any of the job makers created those jobs? If HUMCPR members made the same "magnanimous" gesture by offering housing in apartments they own or their own land, more than 40 people would be housed and for more than 6 months.

So, shall we call Lee Ulansey regarding this proposal? No Coastal Commission issues, no insurance issues and he has the votes on the Planning Commission to bully the Planning and Building staff for "not doing their job."

I am sure construction and labor could be donated or government subsidies could be given to select businesses, who look down on others on public assistance for "entitlements".  HUMCPR does not mind sticking it to the business owners and residents near 3rd and Commercial; then they should feel safe having the same drug addicts and sex offenders on their property.

Free coffee and donuts included at the HUMCPR office? Seeing this sudden concern certain non job creators have for the homeless, that should be the next press conference.

Easy to blame the supervisors. Where are these jobs, that the landowners, developers and "agricultural" HUMCPR members should have created? The City of Eureka is not business friendly but the County is, since 2010, so what's the excuse? After all, if these know it all busineses have money and are prosperous, and therefore clearly smarter compared to the rest of us, maybe they should solve the homeless problem by the obvious solution: jobs and self sufficiency which would also curb the drug culture.

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