Apr 19, 2016

Defense argument in Kailan Meserve case mostly speculation; prosecution rebuttal exposes defense claims

Kailan Meserve's defense attorney, Mr. Russ Clanton started his closing on Friday and completed his closing argument on Monday, April 18. I could not attend all of Mr. Clanton's argument on Monday, he spoke about the victims and ended with a chart on burden of proof.

On Friday, for over half an hour, we heard nothing that pointed to Kailan Meserve's innocence. The defense spent most of the time in "what ifs" and speculation that was not supported by any evidence.

The defense did not dispute that sex took place between Meserve and Jane Doe #1; Meserve and Jane Dioe #2.

The prosecution rebuttal covers the defense closing argument so this post is brief.

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