Apr 25, 2016

Surprised Peter Martin did not include city parklets in his lawsuit as cruel and unusual punishment

Reeling from his recent loss against the city of Eureka in the prayer lawsuit, Peter Martin has now filed a lawsuit in the U. S. District Court seeking an injunction to stop the City of Eureka from evicting Palco Marsh campers on May 2.

He cites cruel and unusual punishment,  the Eighth amendment, in his lawsuit. He  also cites the 14th amendment.  As usual, Martin did not do his research.

City officials say no federal funds are being used for the construction in Phase A of the trail project.

I guess in his vendetta against the City of Eureka, Martin conveniently overlooks that environmental damage is being caused by certain campers. Maybe the wetlands only apply to projects Martin disapproves of and he is selective about concern for the environment.

I am surprised he did not include the Old Town parklets or the shipping containers at Third and Commercial in his cruel and unusual punishment claim. After all, the wood used for the parlets must be really hard on the able bodied bums that sit around Old Town smoking, playing their free transistor radios, and littering the streets. City of Eureka and business owners could have at least provided comfortable cushions!

Maybe Martin could offer a few campers shelter at his office on Third Street. It's close by to the Courthouse Market to get energy drinks, beer, and soda, the Adorni Center where they can trash the sidewalks and Martin could always feed his guests food he can purchase that was not donated or cooked by Christians or anyone believing in God.

Once again, no solution, no helping the homeless, just wasting time and City resources in another lawsuit, he will most likely lose.

Not surprised, he does not want to take HUMCPR. Again selective litigation and very telling.

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