Apr 27, 2016

Possible lead on suspect in Old town jewellery store alleged break in

I just spoke with EPD PIO Brittany Powell. She did not have an update on the James Darin Joaillier alleged break in and robbery that happened yesterday.

I passed on some information to EPD about someone who told me he had warned the store owner, Darin Goodale, that "there were people planning to rob him."

Other information from neighboring businesses and street sources said that the Old Town jewellery store was being kept locked during the day as a precaution.

LOCO reported the alleged break in yesterday.



  1. Well he was in Fortuna also lost a great deal of money his brother works for Arcata police Darin is also a gay person so I think this might be some of the reasons he has been treated the way he has?

    1. His brother works for the Eureka Police Department.