Apr 29, 2016

Two white GMOBs suspects in Eureka burglaries; none of locations had burglar alarms installed

From EPD:

Residential burglary stats for the month of April.  Here's what we know.
- 14 reports taken this month.  13 is the monthly average.  We've had months with 3 and months with 35.
- 4 occurred on a Saturday.
- 7 occurred during daylight hours.
- 3 occurred while the resident was away for a weekend or longer.
- 2 occurred while the resident was in the moving process.
- 8 reported entry was made through a side or rear window.
    - 5 forced entry with rock or other tool.
    - 3 window was unlocked or open.
- 4 reported entry was made through a door.
    - 1 side sliding door.
    - 1 rear door.
    - 2 front door.
- 2 reported entry was made only to garage.
- 3 occurred while a resident was home.
    - 2 suspect fled when resident made it known they were home.
- 0 reported having a burglar alarm installed or activated.
- Suspect descriptions have been 1-2 white male adult(s), thin build, with a bicycle.

Check out these burglary prevention tips to keep your home safe.

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