Apr 27, 2016

First cannabis ordinance, then parklets, now moving homeless; does the City of Fortuna have any original ideas?

The City of Eureka does an ordinance on commercial cannabis cultivation; the City of Fortuna follows.

The City of Eureka comes up with parklets; City of Fortuna follows.

The City of Eureka moves transients out of Palco Marsh; the City of Fortuna follows.

Do Fortuna City officials and staff have any original ideas or do they let the City of Eureka test the waters?


  1. Dont you think if they didnt someone would just say down the road..."why didnt they do like eureka and...." seems like youre damned if you but damned if you dont too...sad

    1. Alicia, what is sad is, why didn't they think of it first. If it is an issue in your community, elected officials need to be on top of it, not sit around and copy someone else's ideas and visions. We need to elect officials that watch out for the people they arecelected to represent, the every day working person.

    2. perhaps the wait is to see what eureka's housed citizenry, the house-less population being rousted, activists and any others with a voice in these matters have to say and to also see what, if any law suits or other legal backlash (didja think there wouldn't be any?), and watch eureka begin to sort it out...
      before fortuna takes the same step into the same puddle.

    3. just me, you just affirmed what I said about testing the waters. Leaders lead, they do not follow.