Apr 20, 2016

Did I blink and miss the coverage of the Kailan Meserve verdict in NCJ?

One of the highest profile cases in Humboldt, and NCJ is the only media outlet that has not even printed the press release.

Maybe there will be a cover story next week with a summary of the probation report on Meserve, Littlefield and similar cases?

Maybe an exclusive interview with Russ Clanton on all the convicted rapists and child molestors he has represented? With part two being a NCJ exclusive on all the alleged child molestors and rapists he has represented?

Maybe an exclusive with the Meserve family?

For a supposed mainstream publication, NCJ's lack of coverage on this case is apalling.

Wouldn't want to piss off that ad revenue or the Meserve family and friends to cover a real case of public safety.

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