Apr 27, 2016

How many Martin lawsuit plaintiffs have homes? Are they the same ones with these criminal records?

Stacey Cobine, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against City of Eureka, according to a Google search, her DISQUS profile and comments online, is a volunteer for Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction. She does not state she lives at the Palco Marsh, but has helped clean up, according to her comments.

Update (7:33 p.m.): According to this article, provided by Gabriele in a comment, Cobine says she lives at the Marsh,


Nanette Dean is not homeless or is she? She is listed as a Eureka resident . Shouldn't someone living on Walnut Drive be a Cutten resident?

Christina Ruble is also not homeless, maybe she is, the only place when and why any plaintiff was homeless is in Martin's lawsuit.. Is she the same Christina Ruble mentioned in 2010, in this Rio Dell times report?
www.riodelltimes.com › EurekaPoliceDe...
Nov 18, 2010 - Christina Renee Ruble, 41 of Eureka and the primary tenant, was arrested and transported to the. Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked for possession of a ...

Aaron Kangas, lives on Little Fairfield in Eureka and is not homeless or is he and since when?.

Don't know if he is the same Aaaron Kangas listed in this 2009 Times Standard On the Record report?

* Aaron Wade Kangas, felony second degree burglary. Sentenced to formal probation for three years. Judge Timothy Cissna.

Lloyd Parker, another plaintiff, is he the same one arrested in 2015 by HCSO?


So do any of the plaintiffs live at the Palco Marsh? Why are they plaintiffs?

I did not check all the other plaintiffs.

The City of Eureka could check into their background. Others besides me have asked if Martin is doing this pro bono. No answer, even if he is, as someone suggested, filing and settling a lawsuit could mean attorney fees.

The environmental groups have been silent. Guess the environmental damage isn't of concern to them or Martin.

Is hanging out at the Marsh and camping there homeless, even if these plaintiffs might couch surf or not stay at the Marsh all the time.

Why did Martin pick these specific plaintiffs? Did they make an effort to find housing or take advantage of resources?

How are these plaintiffs subjected to cruel and unusual punishment?


  1. http://www.courthousenews.com/2016/04/27/homeless-fight-for-toehold-in-eureka-calif.htm
    I wonder if Mr. Martin called someone to get attention to his current crusade....

    From my experiences as a juror (both civil and criminal) I have observed that passing the California Bar exam does not mean that one cannot be both smart and stupid at the same time. And it's the 'stupid' that people remember.
    Mr. Martin seems to have forgotten that.
    He might also reread The Emperor's New Clothes because while he may think he's cloaking himself in the mantle of righteousness, it's not covering the horse's behind he brings with him.

    and thank you for keeping things open and honest...

    1. Thank you Gabriele for your comment.