Apr 29, 2016

The real story last week wasn't the Mayo and Marks showdown, it was EPD chasing and arresting a "drunk" guy fleeing them

Usually, courthouse security excitement is people yelling at them, not understanding why they cannot take their knives and lighters and alcohol in with them.

Last week before the Planning Commission meeting, Courthouse Chief of Security, Jerry White, thought nothing of a "frequent flier" going through screening until he saw EPD officer Sanchez and another officer chasing the guy, who fled into the Board of Supervisor Chambers, thinking he was safe.

EPD cuffed and arrested him for being drunk in public. Robert Lamont Munts was released only to be arrested, again on Saturday.

This morning around 6:35 a.m., a security guard at the 4th street entrance was approached by Mints and he told the security guard that "he had killed somebody", then left while the security guard was contacting law enforcement. He didn't get too far. He was arrested by HCSO.

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