Apr 29, 2016

While the rest of us were covering real news, we didn't have time to update Egger's lawsuit got dismissed

Dismissed December 7, 2015. Funny, that did not make the headlines of Janelle's preferred blogs.

I am the only one who followed up on this lawsuit, the last few times. Waste of time. My media colleagues were smarter.

I won't go into her "knowledge of the law" but the Judge was polite and often had to help her out.

Maybe Janelle and Verbena should actually know and study the law, instead of hatin' on me and others because of their perceived notions and opinions of me and others.

Even more interesting is to note where are Verbena or Janelle in helping the homeless relocate from the Palco Marsh? Or will they just show up Monday when they can pose for the cameras.

Janelle and I can actually talk and agree sometimes, she is an intelligent woman, even if we disagree.

Verbena and her minions shout a lot, criticize others, go off on their anti rich, anti law enforcement rants. What have they done to help this community in a positive way?

Verbena and Janelle thanks for using your names when you insult me. Tell your other cowardly supporters and sympathizers, if they have something to say, say it to my face or use your name. Easy to say anything anonymously.

All the money, time and resources wasted on your lawsuit Janelle could have housed a few people.

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