Mar 1, 2016

Photos of Fr. Eric's car, bloodied and bruised body and testimony regarding items disposed in Eel river given at evidentiary hearing today

Eureka Police Department's Detective John Luken testified this morning and identified photos on John Bruno's property where allegedly Gary Lee Bullock had concealed Fr. Eric Freed's car behind brush and cut branches.

John Bruno is Bullock's step father. In the preliminary hearing, testimony was given that Bullock showed up on January 1, 2014 with blood on his clothes and asked to take a shower and change clothes.

Detective Luken also identified photos of a blue thermal shirt and black sweatpants and then opened the evidence bags identifying the clothing.

HCSO Investigator Greg Musson testified about routes from Eureka to the Bruno residence in Southern Humboldt.

HCSO Sgt. Jesse Taylor who serves the Southern Humboldt area testified items found by a couple in the Eel river north of the Miranda Bridge which included a briefcase, a bible, paperwork and a card with Fr. Freed's name on it.

Kay Belschner, senior criminalist at the Eureka DOJ office testified about items sent for DNA analysis which included clothing patches cut from Bullock's clothing; swabs from a decorative glass vessel, the bottom of which was broken; cigar retrieved from the kitchen, fingernail clippings from both of Fr. Eric Freed's hands; penile swab from Fr. Freed and a swab from a watch later recovered from the crime

A photo of Fr. Eric lying on the floor next to a table with bruises on his chest, bloodied hands and arms and face covered with blood and contusions was identified.

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