Mar 28, 2016

"This is not a whodunnit but a howdunnit"; "What was going through Gary Bullock's mind?"

Just like Deputy District Andrew Isaac, Mr. Kaleb Cockrum, who represents Gary Lee Bullock gave an outline case mentioned certain witnesses.

Mr. Cockrum is not denying his client is guilty of killing Fr. Eric Freed. As Mr. Isaac mentioned in his opening remarks, the prosecution and defense disagree on Bullock's intent.

Mr. Cockrum opened his remarks to the jurors by saying, "You all agreed to wait and make up your mind until you have heard all the evidence. The first part of the case can bring up strong emotions."

"This is not a whodunnit but howdunnit? What was going through Gary Bullock's mind? You have been presented a very narrow view."

"You see him raising his arms," said Mr. Cockrum.

"We are going to talk about a very bad 48 hours. You are going to hear from every witness who came into contact with Mr. Bullock."

"The first witness will be Kevin McGrath. He lives across from Mr. Bullock. Mr. McGrath hears a fight. Gary is in an argument.. He sees Gary's brother come and take Mr. Bullock's two daughters away."

"Later while Mr. McGrath is cooking breakfast, Mr. Bullock shows up with a weedwhacker, sniffs the air, acts strangely and is looking for his daughters.

Later that afternoon, on December 31, 2013, Linda Dillon encounters Bullock and he asks her, "Are you my angel?" She says yes and gives him a glass of water.

"Martin Garza is minding his own business at his own residence" when Bullock shows up. "He won't leave Garza alone" until Garza lets him search for his wife. There is a "scuffle" between the two men.

HCSO Deputy Conan Moore and Sgt. Kenneth Swithenbank are called later that afternoon. They find Bullock "hiding in the bush, fidgety and foaming from his mouth." Sgt. Swithenbank speaks to Bullock, takes him back to the station and he is arrested for being "intoxicated in public He is compliant but explodes when taken into the car. He kicks the car and is pulled out so he doesn't damage the car. He asks Sgt. Swithenbank, are you Archangel Michael? He is taken to the hospital and he is calm until the ER doctor comes in and he charges at the doctor. he is cleared, taken back to jail and released shortly after midnight"

"Devin Strong and Bryan Hill will tell you that Mr. Bullock was given instructions to contact Sempervirens; he was making unintelligible sounds. When he is leaving, he tells Devin Strong, 'How about I release you from prison?" Mr. Cockrum said that Bullock was released with no socks, just shoes, shirts pants, no money and his watch.

On the church surveillance video when you see Bullock arrive at church, he is wearing socks. There are few details in Mr. Cockrum's opening statement that were not consistent with witness testimony today you will see when I do that post later today after the afternoon witnesses are done for today.

"You will hear from Officer Crnich that even though Bullock is on topic, his answers deserve followup. Mr. Clark, the security guard, originally hears someone howling, and calls the police. Later, when he comes back, he finds Mr. Bullock crouched down in that A frame symbol. You did not hear audio on the video you saw but you will hear about that conversation from Mr. Clark."

Mr. Cockrum said that Fr. Eric Freed's car was found parked between his parents and grandmother's residence. He referred to the testimony of EPD Detective Jon Luken, who may testify for the defense, about "A shaped branches" on the car and "two limbs propped up by a tree, also in a A shape.

The jurors saw an inverted A symbol outside the women's bathroom, near the parish hall, on the St. Bernard's church survellance video played by the prosecution.

"You will hear from John Bruno," said Mr. Cockrum. "Mr. Bullock is disoriented, injured and dishevelled. He does not do what they ask," referring to Bullock's mother and step father. "He goes off running to find his wife in the woods. Picks up a stick that he waves around and comes back to the house wrapped in bungee cords."

"Each crime has a specific intent and specific mental state. I am asking you to pay attention to Mr. Bullock's mental state throughout the day."

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