Mar 28, 2016

Will Archangel Michael be Gary Bullock's savior to claim insanity?

Defense case started this morning around 10 after evidentiary hearings and Mr. Kaleb Cockrum's opening statement. The defense chose to give their opening statement at the beginning of their case and not after the prosecution's opening statement.

Four witnesses, including HCSO Sgt. Swithenbank, testified about Bullock's alleged behavor the day he was taken into custody. I will be updating a separate post on evidence hearing where the People won two motions regarding defense witness testimony.

 Archangel Michael or an angel was mentioned by Bullock several times on December 31, 2013 before he was booked into the jail. Bullock was "crowing", talking "unintelligibly" and got into a physical altercation with a couple of neighbors.

Bullock's brother Danny was in court this morning. Bullock waved to him when he entered the court.

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