Mar 29, 2016

"Did you feel responsible for what happened to Fr. Freed? We find out security guard was also a St. Bernard's parishioner

The defense in the Gary Bullock jury trial had the following witnesses today: Officer Corey Crnich, who was one of two officers that spoke with Bullock on the St. Bernard's church property; Mr. Tim Clark, the security guard, who called the police after hearing howling at St. Bernard's church and the same security guard that asked Bullock to leave early am of New Year's Day, before Bullock broke into the rectory, former Deputy District Attorney Luke Brownfield who is now a Deputy Public Defender and Bullock' step-father John Bruno.

Officer Crnich said Bullock set off no red flags, did not ask for a ride and repeatedly asked for directions to the Rescue Mission, giving the impression he was heading there.

This is the first time we found out that the security guard was also a St. Bernards parishioner. He was private security that night , not at the church.

When he heard the news next day, he said, "it blew my mind". He said he felt responsible for what happened to Fr. Freed. "I wish I had done more."

The security guard was sympathetic because he thought Bullock was homeless. He told the prosecution, "he fooled me."

Bullock's step father will take the stand after morning break. John Bruno's testimony continues into the afternoon session.

In his testimony, Bruno said that Bullock claimed to be reincarnated and he was Archangel Michael. Bullock also said he was going to heal his mother, who has Lyme disease. He refused water saying it was tainted. Later he only ate some of the chicken offered saying it was not a,part of his new diet.

Instead of EPD Detective Jon Liken,Mr. Cockrum used Mr. Brownfield's testimony about A shaped branches found near Fr. Freed's car that Bullock parked near his parents' residence.

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