Mar 28, 2016

Based on defense opening, could Bullock trial conclude tomorrow with closing arguments?

Based on Mr. Kaleb Cockrum's opening statement today, three witnesses are left. Court adjourned at 2:30 this afternoon.

Officer Crnich; Mr. Clark, the security guard who called the police and told Bullock to leave St. Bernard's Church; and his step father John Bruno.

If length of cross examination by both parties is an indication so far, and witnesses are done by noon, closing arguments could
start tomorrow.

The trial is "dark" Wednesday through Friday this week, with Thursday being a court holiday.

Both Deputy District Attorney Andrew Isaac and Mr. Kaleb Cockrum have done an excellent job with keeping the trial focused and done the same with evidentiary hearings and jury selection.

The attorneys in this trial remind me a lot of the Jason Warren trial. Mr. Paul Sequeira, Mr. Andrew Isaac, Mr. Glenn Brown and Mr. Kaleb Cockrum should teach prosecutors and defense attorneys how to win trials and juries as well as keep people's attention focused by providing relevant facts and doing a great job for their clients.


  1. I am baffled why the arresting officer from Garberville is not being used as a witness? Both sides must have deposed him, and his arrest report must be interesting to all parties concerned...

    What's your take on that?


  2. Sgt. Swithenbank was a defense witness today and I covered him in Mr. Cockrum's opening remarks post. I am still updating a few posts with more details. I saw you deleted your last comment. If you don't want your comments public, contact me directly via email, not through the site.I wish you had not deleted your last comment. Your input is appreciated.

  3. Trying to stay out of the limelight... I think you may understand why!!

    I just reading Ken Swithenbanks testimony today... I knew they would have him on the stand because he knows Gary and was probably very helpful to both parties in this case.

    All the best,


  4. I also just read the side on on Det. Jon Luken! Very interesting...

    Do you think that issue could lead to an appeal in some context? How important of a witness is he for the defense? Did he participate in an interview with the Gary Bullock the day he was picked up after the murder? Or is this just a matter of him being a difficult service of process subject?

  5. You will see when I do my post on that evidentiary hearing that Mr. Isaac said,that Mr. Cockrum and his office need to follow procedures the People did to get Luken to court. That issue is not over yet. I am taking a bit of break,see if you have any questions after my updates tonight. Thank you for your comments.